The Story On The Murder Of Euronymous

N e w s : O.K. here's some stuff about the murder on Euronymous. During the summer of 1993, the relationship between the "Count" and Euronymous had cooled down a lot. I think Euronymous was pretty tired of that Grischnack were acting like a clown in media. In Norway Grischnack had been a big joke until he killed Euronymous.

The "Count" on the other hand didn't like Euronymous' communist thoughts. In an interview the "Count" has said that "Euronymous joined the communists to be evil, and get more niggers into Norway". The "Count" really disliked this opinion among several more. In interviews around, the "Count" distanced himself from Euronymous. Other things are that Euronymous threatened to refuse to give out some Burzum records on his record company.

One of the accused in the case characterizes Euronymous' attitude to the "Count" as "aggressive, critical and negative". When this man told the "Count" about Euronymous' attitude, the "Count" bursted out: "Euronymous must go. He stands in the way of my economical prospects!"

Later that night the "Count" spoke a lot about killing Euronymous. With a second fellow they discussed several ways to kill him. One suggestion were to chop his head off with an axe when he opened the door(!). The first fellow meant that it would look silly to carry an axe in the neighborhood. An other alternative was to make Euronymous show something on his PC, and then stab him in his back with a knife.

On Monday, August the 9th, the three men hired three videofilms which they'd all seen before. If the cops later would ask about the films, they would have an alibi. The second fellow were left behind in Bergen. The meaning was that he should use the "Count's" credit card while he was gone. This would make another alibi. The thing was that this fellow took the wrong card. He took a telephone card instead...

The "Count" meant that it would look suspicious if two Black Metal Satanists should drive from Oslo right after a Satanist-leader was killed(The distance between Oslo and Bergen is about 60 Norwegian miles, or a 7 hour long trip). The first fellow lent a white sweater to the second one, to look less satanic. The first fellow were alledgedly ordered to be the driver. During long parts of the trip, the "Count" was lying in the backseat. In fact, when they came to a smalltown and wanted to fill some gas, he was also in the trunk. When they entered Euronymous' apartment, only the "Count" went inside. Later, when his fellow came inside, he heard a lot of screaming. According to the "Count", this provoked him as Hell, when Euronymous was screaming. Later he said that it was less honorable for a Black Metal leader to die in his underwear.

The result is that the "Count" gets 21 years, the longest sentence anyone can get in Norway. But he can appeal, and I can't see why not. His idiotic lawyer tried to label him as "insane", so that he could get less years in prison. I would rather spend 21 years in prison, than be labeled as insane the rest of my life!

His (ex)fellow, which drove the car to Oslo, got 8 years. This is more than they had hoped for. The "Count's" face bursted out in a big smile when he heard the sentence.

Though I don't agree with the "Count" in everything, I think that he has more honour left than anyone else in this case. The ex-fellow's lawyer were moaning about that he was allergic and depressed and was easily influenced by the "Count". I think THAT is weak!

Story by: Hellcrusher (Bjarne Henning Kvaale) back